Docker registry

The compiled Docker Images are stored in a private registry. You need to setup Docker Credentials in order to be able to pull these images.

One of the first steps is to setup a secret to access this registry.

  1. You’ll get a credentials file from Sagemath, Inc. – it will be called regcred.json below.

  2. Tell Kubernetes about this registry secret, in the namespace where you’ll deploy CoCalc, with the name: regcred:

kubectl create secret docker-registry regcred \ \
   --docker-username=_json_key \
   --docker-password="$(cat ./regcred.json)" \
   --docker-email=[email protected]

→ expected output: secret/regcred created


If you name this secret differently than regcred, you need to adjust the imagePullSecrets in the values.yaml file.